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Community Acupuncture and Private Sessions

Rachel offers her patients the choice of private sessions &/or affordable community acupuncture sessions. In Asia, most acupuncture occurs in a community setting rather than in individual rooms. During community hours, we primarily treat patients using very comfortable, zero-gravity recliners, clustered in groups in a quiet, soothing space. Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits: for one, patients can receive high quality treatments at affordable rates. Research in the United States (as well as thousands of years of use in Asia) has shown that acupuncture is most effective when it is done frequently and regularly—at least once a week is usually the minimum required to make progress on any kind of health problem. This might be considered prohibitively expensive for many patients when considering the cost of private treatments. Another benefit is that it’s easy for friends and family members to come in for treatments together. As a result, a collective healing energy is established which can make treatments more powerful.

Private Sessions

Private sessions may be scheduled throughout the week and may include cupping, moxibustion, aromatherapy, electrical-stimulation of points, gua sha, etc. Private sessions are recommended but not required for your first acupuncture treatment.

1-1 1/2 hours, $80 per session

*Plus a one-time initial $10 paperwork fee (this fee applies toward your first community acupuncture treatment).

Community Acupuncture Sessions

Community acupuncture sessions are scheduled as follows:

Queen Village, Philadelphia:
Mondays 3pm-7pm 
Fridays 3pm-7pm

Collingswood, South Jersey: 
Saturdays 10am-1pm

Cost is based on “honor-system” sliding scale of $20-$40.
Plus $10 initial paperwork fee.

Suggested Sliding Scale Fees:

Income                    Payment

<20,000                    $20

$20K-$50K                $30

$50,000+                    $40

**Please call ahead of time to schedule a community acupuncture

**Charges apply to late cancellations (less than 24-hours notice) and no-shows.


Community Acupuncture


In PA call 215-910-9833

In NJ call 609-458-0340

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